About the Author

Phyllis Wheaton - Mother, Grandmother, Singer, SongwriterFrom a young age I would pour over an antique red, hard- covered storybook on the bottom bookshelf of my classroom. It entertained me with plots and characters that also showed life lessons in the stories and fables on the pages. Where the words and images emotionally transported me then, is the place I seek to take you now.

Theatre was my first medium, as a child, organizing shows on our back porch between the clothesline and steps. Music, harmonies, and playing guitar was the next stage, then writing and recording what life was teaching me. In 2010 I found the miracle of creating my own moving images, and successfully merged the music I had recorded with poetry and images as wonderful as the red storybook I once loved to visit.

I am a bridge. When I work with seniors I am reminded of the brevity of life and am interested in hearing both the emotion in their life struggles and the nature of the joy that fed them.

When I work with children I am excited to share the stories of our seniors and veterans, passing along their lessons to these brand new creatures walking into their future. History is to be visited and relished and it is exciting to be this bridge.

I have traveled across the prairies with the Mitchell Brothers telling the tall tales of a legendary Bill Gomersall, a horse whisperer and watched throngs of people delighted to revel in their own heritage. Once again, in the company of Ken and Slim Mitchell, I was a bridge for Canadians deeply longing to meet and know the folklore of their land.

I’ve written and played for the families of our fallen soldiers and translated their pain and pride into songs so civilian families could relate. I am a bridge of understanding.

My most recent project is a book called ‘In the Mood for Peace: the Story of the Izzy Doll’. Another bridge that I have built; one that Canadians can cross over into a land only a soldier braves to go. It is a place of the Peacekeeper; of horror and tragedy and of great compassion and hope.

It is my job to bring you to many places in song, images and books; to these places where you can revisit when I can’t always be there to tell you the stories in person.

I may be contacted at Phyllis@inthemoodforpeace.com