Izzy Doll Knitters Tribute Concert: August 7, 2015

We are inviting anyone who has created an Izzy Doll or Izzy Comfort Doll to a Tribute Concert and Tea for OUR Izzy Doll Knitters in Calgary!

It is August 7, 2015, just prior to the Peacekeeper events August 9.

Shirley O’Connell, the current Izzy Doll Mama will be there as well as a few surprise guests.

If you know a knitter in Calgary ask them to email me for their invitation! phylliswheaton@shaw.ca for the details.

A special thanks to our sponsors for supporting this event:

  • SIMCO Management
  • Leigh Isfeld
  • Steve and Wanda Hogg
  • Michel Selim
  • Albert Sage

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