Vocal Vibes Interview with Cindy O’Neil

Cindy O’Neil is a talented writer and producer of Podcasts for Canadians about Canadians.

She did a wonderful job with both a short video edition and a longer audio version about In the Mood for Peace; the Story of the Izzy Doll.

She is also running a contest with a book as a prize so pass this on ASAP to people who don’t have a book but would like one so they can enter Cindy’s contest.

Thanks so much

video edition – In The Mood – Vocal Vibes 3:28 minutes

Full Vocal Vibes Podcast here:
Vocal Vibes Podcast – In The Mood For Peace

If you like the podcasts Please send Cindy a message with your words of encouragement. We need this artist’s dedication to our stories!

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